Le Briciole , my favorite dolls !!

logo Dolls nuovoSometimes, to indicate a beautiful face, we use the expression “A Doll-Faced”.

“The dolls” of various ages are beautiful, and send us the story of a people and its culture; of course, the value of a doll lies not only in its beauty. LE BRICIOLE was born as a product for everyday life, her dolls are also recordings of faces, clothing and lifestyle of the people who wear them to go to work, bring their children to school, go to a party.

 Choose the one that suits you for each day of the week!

The dolls are also recordings of faces, clothing and lifestyle of the people who wear them.

We have over twenty years experience in the jewelry business, with the same love and a lot of experience we create LE BRICIOLE, intriguing necklaces with handmade dolls with custom clothes, always in style and with a wide choice of models to suit all your needs.

All jewels are made with the best care and attention for details. The materials used are aluminum, metal and fabric for clothing. Strictly nickel free. Each product comes with a warranty seal golden brass and a certificate lifetime warranty

Our experience especially abroad allowed to the brand LE BRICIOLE to be present from the beginning in the most enchanting trend-setter places around the world, such as Miami, Palm Beach, Santo Domingo, Milan, Venice, Moscow, Paris, Porto Cervo.

Nowadays LE BRICIOLE are enriched by a new series of pendants made of acrylic and metal, freely inspired by the style of international artists of the past such as Picasso, Matisse and contemporary Romero Britto.

Le Briciole…my favorite Dolls !!   …. And the story goes on

Ambassador : Marika Stellacci – Picture by Paky Schiavone – Make up Artist by Daniela Schiavone

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